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2013 Point2 Agent Website Jump Start Guide!

Your STEP-by-STEP Guide to Point2 Agent Websites!

Hit the ground running with this easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to setting up your Point2 Agent “Website” and catering it be a lead generating “machine”!


This is where Point2 has drastically changed! We used to see lots of hidden pages once you upgrade to the Professional level. That’s no longer the case.

Point2 Agent Populates 8 pages in your new site:

Contact Me – Keep

Home Evaluation & Seller Resources – this really should be broken out into 2 pages. Keep it as Seller Resources and create a new page for Home Evaluation and insert the “Home Evaluation Form” onto the page and add whatever else you’d like.

Home Search & Buyer Resources – this also should be broken out into 2 pages. Keep it as Buyer Resources and create a new page for the Home Search – there’s 4 options for the home search – the one I use for regular search is #3 – Advanced Home Search with Optional Listing Notifier (condensed) – then create a new page for “Listing Alerts” and use #1.  This way, those searching will always have the option to enter their email to receive new listings matching their criteria, and those that know they want listings via email will register from the start.

Listings – Keep

Mortgage Calculator – Keep

Neighborhood – You can keep this and focus on the neighborhoods of each city you want to focus on.

News – Your choice if you want to keep or delete this page…I don’t find it necessary and would like to see focus more on areas and listings for viewers.

Now you get to create Town pages and Neighborhood pages. If you’re not able to save searches in your IDX (if you use an IDX solution), Point2 Agent offers a feature for showcasing listings by city, neighborhood, amenity and more – Point2 has really expanded in this area to help agents showcase homes howevery they want!

On your page in edit mode, simply choose “Add content” right in the middle section. Choose “Listings” and follow the prompts. When you get down to the last section of “Neighbourhoods,” it will start with counties that you’ve chosen as your Selling Area, then Cities, then Neighorhoods there’s a trick to this!!!

If you click on the wording link, it will open up the towns in that county without actually “selecting” them all. If you click the square next to the county, it will automatically choose all the towns in that county. So click on the county “wording”, then click on the city “wording” and you’ll see neighborhoods in that city of your choice…just click the square box next to the neighborhood. This makes it so easy for you to create any town/neighborhood pages you’d like and automatically start with “fresh” content. Those listings automatically update. Then you can add wording and helpful links, school info, etc. as you get time. Then the same process for amenity choices below the neighbourhoods section.

Exposure Engine – THIS IS NOT INCLUDED IN POINT2’S POPULATED PAGES but is very important for your potential sellers so they can see how their newly listed home gets syndicated, along with having a seller login so they can see statistics on the views of their listed home…below is the wording for you:

Point2 Agent Syndication


The Exposure EngineTM gets your newly listed home advertised across multiple popular home search sites FAST!


Then stay informed

Once your newly listed home is being syndicated, you need to know just how well it’s doing out there. We provide you with detailed statistics and reports from all of our supported syndication partners. These reports are available from within your own private Seller Login area. This is a great tool to check statistics on your newly listed home as well as add any notes you may have either forgotten or just want to add to let viewers know any recent changes or upgrades to your home.


With more syndication partners being included all the time, we have a competitive edge above other real estate professionals. The Exposure EngineTM gives us the advantage to get your newly listed home out there FAST!



Your Newly Listed Home’s Seller Area – What is the Seller Area?

A private area where you, the seller, can login to view information and statistics about your newly listed home and provide additional details about the listing if you wish.


From the Seller Area You Can:

Preview your listing (as displayed on this website)

See a copy of the listing brochure

Access detailed reports on the performance of your online listing (automatically generated and updated by this website)

View notes regarding your listing

Use RSS feeds to view notes

Upload your own additional details, photos and memories of your home using a text editor

This is such a great feature for our clients!


You’ll be given a URL and login for your newly listed home once it’s in the system!

Feel free to contact Nancy if you have any questions about your Point2 Agent website. I have worked with Point2 Agent websites since 2007 and have seen all the changes!



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