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Domains Reverting Back to Sub-Domain in Point2 Agent Online Office…

point2agentlogoI’m running into instances where clients have had their domain pointed to their Point2 Agent website and set as the “default domain” for at least a year, sometimes even longer, yet when logged in the URL in the address bar shows the sub-domain (“”) and their domain no longer appears next to the profile – in the online office area.

The response I got from Point2 was:

“When you login to the Online Office you are accessing Point2’s servers, as a result your URL reverts back to it’s original domain. There is no need for concern.”

This is just not true.  There is a need for concern if you haven’t submitted your site map or verified your site with Google. You’ll never be able to as long as the domain isn’t the true default domain when logged in. Google will see that sub-domain instead of your real domain and give you an error anytime you try to do this from your Point2 Agent website.

Capture of what you “should” see when you have a true domain that is pointed to your site and set as the default domain…

 Left Sideleftcapture

Right Side


If your domain has been pointed (and set as the default domain) for at least 2 weeks and you see the following below, then something is wrong and you need to contact Point2 Agent to notify them.

Left Side


Right Side


The example directly above has had their default domain set for years. And sometimes you’ll see the true domain in the address bar and sometimes you won’t. Very inconsistent.

You’ll never be able to verify your site or submit a site map through Point2 if your true domain is not showing up in the address bar because that’s what Google will see when trying to verify your site – you’ll just get an error or “Google was unable to verify your site”

Email or directly through your website you can click the contact support – or call 1-866-977-1777 (Professional or Premium members only for phone support)

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