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Advanced Searches in Point2 Agent Websites

For those of you who are not participating in the handshakes in Point2 Agent, whether it be from the start by not checking the box to participate “or” by blocking all handshake requests…

If you’re using any of the advanced searches that offer new listing alerts via email, make sure you sign up yourself. This way, you’ll be able to see that just your listings or your company’s listings appear in these email alerts.

Point2 Agent Listing NotifiersI have a client who opted in at the beginning years ago, but over the years has decided to block any handshake requests. When I added the advanced search with full registration for new listings via email, I noticed that tons of handshake listings were appearing in my email alerts of new listings.

I contacted Point2 and they seem to have no way to “fix” the problem. Daily, I would email them a list of the URL’s of handshake listings that are appearing so they could manually remove the “already blocked” brokerages or agents. Then I got an email asking if I would send them the URL of the listing notifier for anybody who was having the same problem. I can do that for “me” but not for all the viewers who have signed up. I have no way of knowing just what they’re receiving in their email alerts – I can only see what they filled out as options. And so far, there’s 100+ listing notifiers that have been created in the client’s website.

I don’t see these as isolated incidents…it’s a global issue of “blocked” handshakes not really being blocked. Point2 even tried to “unblock” every handshake partner, then re-blocked them. It didn’t work.

Just wanted to give you a heads up – make sure you fill out forms and sign up for everything in your Point2 Agent website to make sure you see what the viewers / registrants see.

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