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Are Your Feeds Set-Up for the Ultimate Viral Marketing Exposure?

Feeding for the Ultimate Viral Marketing Exposure!Remember pages don’t feed, only posts feed.  So if you’re a blogger, then you already have a “source” to begin the viral marketing campaign – if you have WordPress (free or self-hosted), or a Facebook Business Page and are manually posting in your “status” area of the “Wall”, then that counts as a feed “source” – bet you didn’t know that did ya’?  Your You Tube Channel would also be considered a feed “source”.

This also brings up the infamous question…”how do I get my blogs to feed to one another?” Answer: You don’t.  You can’t feed to each “source”, but each “source” can feed to all the social media networks.  And they all feed to your social media networks that you’re registered with (*).* (this is just one example of a feed service and it’s free) – when you enter the URL of your blog, you have the option of notifying all interested parties for feeding.  And it lets you add your Twitter account.  So boom, there, you’re covered…right?  Feedburner doesn’t feed to fan page walls AND sometimes doesn’t seem to work when we add “Twitter” – if it’s not feeding to Twitter for some reason, then do it directly from Facebook** as well. 

There’s a nifty feed service specifically for Facebook called NetworkedBlogs (application for business page tabs ‘and’ walls) – this feeds your blog posts over to the wall, as well as creates a dedicated tab called “Blog”.  Very nice feature!

* You need to check those “interested parties” and see if you’re registered so they even know you exist!  The best way to do this is to register yourself with that “houses” all social media networks and your info.  It even goes out and checks to see what you’re already registered with. 

1) Register with MYBLOGLOG.COM (this is where you’ll register with any social networks you’re not already with and can take a while…so register with some social networks, then stop and revisit to do some more)


3) BLOG URL into NETWORKED BLOGS (facebook application for business page walls)

4) ** FACEBOOK TO TWITTER (set-up only if your posts aren’t feeding over to Twitter when added in Feedburner.

And you WILL have to do steps 2, 3, and possibly 4 for each blog!!   

It’s the “making sure” you’re registered with as many social media networks as possible and getting yourself “done” with all (or most) of the networks in MyBlogLog will make sure things get “everywhere” not just Facebook and Twitter.

NOTE: Videos also do not feed over to the fan page walls, but there are application services that can create a facebook business page “tab” that holds YouTube videos (Involver is one, but anything they do doesn’t feed to the wall, only creates a tab).  Still trying to figure out a way to get them to “feed” to the “wall” though!!!  If anybody knows…PLEASE SHARE!!!

Again, this is just one example using Feedburner as the “feed service”. 

Hope this helps!

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