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Blog Posts for Real Estate Agents

  • Blog Posts for Real Estate AgentsWrite about a particular complex or properties within a given price point in a certain area – You’re going to attract the kind of business that you write about. So if you want to work with buyers, write articles for buyers. If you want to attract buyers in a certain area, write about that particular area often!
  • Cover industry news (financial updates) – Clients ask me if they can just copy and paste news from other sources – no, you may not. That’s a violation of copyright. What you can (and should) do is quote a section of the article in question and inject your own opinion into the article. Tell viewers why you think this is important or how you think this news is going to impact the local real estate market.
  • It’s OK to get off topic – Think of something fun that you can blog about and blog about it often, say a “weekly” article on a particular off-topic subject.
  • Put yourself in the consumers shoes – Write a post offering them advice. Think of it this way, the next time someone asks you a question, write it down and blog your response and publish it.
  • Write about the Home Buying or Selling process – Or define real estate terminology that the average consumer might not be familiar with.
  • Write a list post – Posts with lists or points generally tend to be very popular because they’re easy to skim through and read.
  • How-To Posts – Buyers and sellers are always looking for information online – highlight your expertise by offering solid How To advice.
  • Write about a recently sold listing or a first time homebuyer purchase – Include your buyers in your article as a testimonial. If you’re a stager, write about a recently staged property.
  • Write about your listings – This is a great way to showcase your expertise. If you don’t have any listings, write an area market report.
  • Write about the specific area you work in to showcase your expertise – Show off your knowledge of an area.
  • Cover local and holiday events – Grab a calendar or local newspaper and look at events that stand out and that you think folks might be interested in attending. Holidays make good blog content too.
  • Write about a local restaurant or business – If it’s a new business, take a photo of or with the owners and let them know that you’ll be covering them on your site. They’ll appreciate the publicity and they’ll tell everyone they know to check out the great press coverage on your website.
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