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Compass Internet Systems Has Closed Its Doors Without Notice

I’ve gotten numerous emails from clients asking me if this was the case – the answer is YES…Compass Internet Systems has shut its doors without warning or notification to its clients.

What you’ll want to do IMMEDIATELY is to go into your website and delete their forms, as well as the snippet of code you’ll find in the footer template (of Point2 sites).

ALSO, if you purchased your plan with Compass and they set up your Point2 Agent website, please know that your payment through Compass will not be honored through Point2 Agent.  For those that paid their yearly hosting to Compass for the Point2 Agent site hosting, they didn’t pay that to Point2 Agent.  And now Point2 Agent is notifying clients that they need to start paying Point2 direct “and immediately” or their site(s) will be deactivated.

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