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Cost Comparison Btwn WordPress w/ Plugin and Point2 Agent

point2 agent website designIn real estate, syndication and an IDX solution are a must-have for your buyers and sellers! However, budget always plays a role in what’s decided for your online presence…here’s a tip…

A Professional Membership with Point2 Agent:

  • $49.95/mo for Syndication, no IDX (extra fees apply), a blog that’s not self-hosted and not so user-friendly


An IDX Solution, Syndication, “AND” a Self-Hosted Site:

  • $5/mo for Self-Hosting the Site 
  • $30-$50/mo* for “dsIDXpress” for Blogs 
  • $20/mo for a Standard Membership with Point2 Agent for the syndication
Self-Hosted WordPress Site dsIDXpress for Blogs  


With the exception of an *IDX solution that would be out of my price range above, you’re looking at around the same monthly cost between Point2 Agent and a mix!

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