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Credit Links in Your Point2 Agent Website

Designers / SEO Firms Credit Links in Your Website FooterOne thing you want to watch for is credits in the footer or bottom of your website that don’t open in a new window or “take over your site.”  You’re the owner, not them.  This applies to web designers like myself or SEO firms since that’s what I see the most.  Make sure this isn’t happening to you.  If it is, you’ll definitely want to contact that firm and let them know to have their credit link open in a new window.

Say a viewer in your site is curious and clicks on the credit link because they like your site or have been possibly looking into SEO firms…if that site doesn’t open up in a new window, the viewer MUST click on their browser’s back button to get “back” to your site.  If the viewer clicks the “X” thinking that will take them back to your site, it won’t.  The credit link has taken the viewer, or potential buyer/seller, right away from you!!!

When someone works on your site, it’s just good to double check their credit link at the bottom – make sure their site opens up in a new window.

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