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Custom Designed WordPress Sites – Watch the Widget Area!

Custom Designed WordPress Sites - Watch the Widget Area!

I was setting up NetworkedBlogs for a client’s Facebook Page the other day and came across something I thought I should write about.  It has to do with the Widget area of your WordPress dashboard and how some designers actually put the whole widget area within a .php file.  I know…HUHHHHH?????

This client’s WordPress blog site had all her coverage areas (towns) in the right column which is normally a widget area, so when I added a “text” widget to “verify” her blog, I ran into a problem.

I went to the widget area of the dashboard and there were “no” widgets already in there!  But there was content showing up in the right column (the towns)…hmmm…so I added a text widget and put in the script that NetworkedBlogs provided me.  Well, when I did this, everything that “was” in the right column was now gone and only my verification widget was appearing.

No worries from my perspective…I knew it “had” to be something pre-written into a widget .php file or home.php file…one of the main theme or design files.  But could you imagine if my client had gone in to add any type of widget only to have her entire right column of “towns” disappear???? 

When I was able to verify the WordPress blog site, I simply deleted my newly created widget and poof…all the coverage areas came back.

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