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Custom WordPress Blogs Using AgentPress Theme

Barb Szabo, Ohio Realtor

Have a couple sites where we’re exporting posts from Active Rain to copy them over to new WordPress blogs (using AgentPress for this one)…only 25 posts came through and, obviously no pics, all dated in the year 1970…however we can change the dates on the blog posts individually through the “quick edit” option.

But Barb had well over 300 posts…so why didn’t they make it over?  After brainstorming, Barb and I decided that she was just going to periodically copy/paste her older posts over as she saw fit.  Not everything needed to come over to WordPress anyway, i.e. Members Only posts.

But the finished result? A beautiful AgentPress blog site on WordPress that Barb’s thrilled with! Still blogging on Active Rain mind you, but this is her own custom blog hosting.  That’s the difference.  We all love Active Rain, but you really want a blog site with your own hosting as well.

Have fun Barb!

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