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Customizing Your Email Links

Customizing Email LinksHere’s a handy tool to help when linking to an email address in a page or post of your website…

If you are NOT seeing the “Test it here” link under each section, this means that your default settings on your computer for the Mailto: options are not set-up correctly. Click here if you do not see the “Test it here”

NOTE: copy/paste the code in the html, not as regular content!

Setting the Mailto: recipient

If you want to add multiple recipients to the ‘To:’ field (or the ‘CC:’ and ‘BCC:’ fields discussed below) separate the addresses with commas (e.g.,

<a href=””>Email Us!</a>

Test it here: Email Us!

Setting the CC field for adding additional recipients

People who may be interested in the subject of the email but aren’t responsible for dealing with it should be put in the ‘CC:’ field. When adding items to your mailto: link make sure to add a question mark (?) after the ‘To:’ field.

<a href=””>Email Us!</a>

Test it here: Email Us!

Setting the BCC field for adding hidden recipients

You can also add recipients to the email who will be hidden from the ‘To:’ and ‘CC:’ recipients, by using the ‘BCC:’ field. If you have already added a ‘CC:’ (or any other element) to your mailto: link, you should include an ampersand (&) before each additional item.

<a href=”;”>Email Us!</a>

Test it here: Email Us!

Setting the Subject line in emails

It’s very useful to use the ‘Subject:’ field in your mailto: links. It allows you to set a recognizable title to submissions so that the recipient realizes what the email is for without opening it.

<a href=”;;subject=Inquiry%20on%20Website%20Name”>Email Us!</a>

Test it here: Email Us!

Adding Content to Your Email Body Section

If you would like to turn your email into a little questionnaire, here’s how!

<a href=”* NAME%3A%20%0A%0A* PHONE%20NUMBER



Test it here: Email Us!

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