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Free 14 Day Trial for Point2 Upgrade

Point2 Agent WebsitesFor those of you that have been thinking about upgrading from the Point2 Agent Standard Website to the Point2 Agent Professional Website, there used to be a Test Drive icon in your Online Office, of which the IDX banner has replaced.

I can’t guarantee it’s still available because I couldn’t find the icon anywhere once it was replaced…I’m not sure if Point2 is phasing out the test drive or not, but I’ve always been successful simply by contacting Point2 through the client’s website (or your website) or calling them at 1-866-977-1777 and just asking for the test drive for the professional membership upgrade.  This gives you 14 free days before you need to make a decision and pay monthly or yearly the $49.95/mo.

Again, I can’t guarantee anything, but it doesn’t hurt to ask!!

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