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How Many of You Think Point2 Agent is an MLS?

Point2 Agent & MLSWhenever I talk to a prospective client, I make sure they’re aware that Point2 Agent is NOT AN MLS.  Your listings have to be entered into Point2 Agent’s database in order to get them syndicated with their syndication partners…which is a lot of partners! 

Your listings do NOT automatically get “fed” into your Point2 Agent website. But I see it over and over again…agents and clients getting frustrated that they have to enter their listings more than once – meaning once they enter a new listing into their or MLS, they have to copy/paste the text from that listing’s description and upload the photos.  Just like they do with other marketing programs, such as Virtual Tour websites, and even Active Rain.  There are “widgets” that can be placed in your A/R outside blog’s sidebar and even Facebook from

You also need an IDX solution to be able to integrate search capability for your viewers to search all MLS listings for your areas.  Point2 Agent uses the handshakes to help you showcase listings that are in your area from other Point2 Agent members.  They are a “National Listing Service” not the Multiple Listing Service.  Listings will appear as MLS listings because they are…but it’s not “all” the MLS listings for that area…only those of members.

I know that Point2 Agent has been trying to work with MLS boards across the nation to try and integrate the automatic feed of your MLS listings, but have yet to see it actually come to fruition in any state.

Point2 Agent is a great online website and marketing platform for agents, but there’s just no way around it.  You have to enter your listings into Point2’s database.

Hopefully this post will clear the confusion.

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