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I Want to Post “Mobily” to My Blog – Do You Really?

Feeding to Social MediaI’d like to share my thoughts on this one. Do you REALLY want to do a blog post in WordPress, or Active Rain, or Blogger, etc…from a mobile device? My answer is NO…you don’t – and here’s why:

Here’s how the “feeding” cycle works…

You start with a primary feed source and post to it – WordPress, Active Rain, Blogger, You Tube / Vimeo are all considered “primary feed sources” – Facebook is an exception where it can feed over to Twitter and Linkedin. It “cannot” feed over to a primary feed source.

When people are on mobile devices, they’re usually wanting to post a “status” type thing. Not write a blog post, assign it categories and tags, also assign it metatags for the search engines, and don’t forget to include a featured pic…all that from a mobile device. Hmmmmmm. No thanks. And you’re killing the opportunity of that “first feed” having all the information so the information feeds through as well.

…Once you write a blog post or upload a You Tube / Vimeo video, that post (or video) then feeds over to whatever social media platform(s) you have activated through whatever program, such as TwitterFeed or HootSuite, etc. – Facebook profiles and pages, Twitter, and Linkedin are considered those social media platforms that have capability of being a “drop bucket” for primary feed sources. Facebook offers a feed over to Twitter and Linkedin, so if you have that activated, and then go and have your blog posts feed over to Facebook “and” Twitter…bottom line is “know what’s feeding where.” It’s easy to create duplicates.

Haven’t seen that Google+ has been added to any mixes of feed availability though. And they may not ever offer it. It still “is” good practice to do “manual” status updates, like from your mobile device, to Facebook and/or Twitter, and the “feed” is there for the convenience of having those blog posts or videos quickly spread throughout your social media platforms. Automatic feeding is for convenience, manual status updates is good for the search engines. Do both.

Take the time to do blog posts. Yes, you can still do it in Word first and copy/paste it into your blog, but taking that extra time to “complete” the process or “fill in the blanks” is worth it. That post will feed “once” – the minute you click “publish” – yes, you can go back and edit it all you want, but it’s not going to feed again every time you edit it. It only gets one chance to make a good first impression. Featured images feed, posts feed, metatags from posts feed. That is, if they’re in there when that post is “first” published.

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