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Images Disappearing in Newly Generated Point2 Agent Websites

images in point2 newly generated sitesIf you’re new to Point2 and just generated your website, you’ll want to know that some of the images that are old stock images have been removed from Point2’s servers, so if you go to your home page or the Home Styling page, for example, and just click on edit content, the minute you get into the content box, the images disappear. 

Wanted to let you all know and be aware of this.  I can only imagine what’s going through new members’ minds when they get into the site and images just disappear!  Don’t fret…they’re old images anyway and you can choose from the Point2 image gallery or insert your own. 

If you’re a Standard member, you may not notice this after the home page.  Professional/Premium members will notice this more since there’s more pages in the site.

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