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It’s Not You…

Point2 Agent Website Content Editor

“I have some paragraphs for a couple towns but when I tried to enter them, I obviously did not do it right because the text was all screwed up, so I gave up.”

“The fonts on my page seem bigger when I’m editing the page than when I actually view it…what am I doing wrong?”

“I can’t get the font to change from Arial to Verdana…what am I doing wrong?”

I’m here to say…IT’S NOT YOU!

I can’t tell you how many times over the last 2 months I’ve gotten emails from clients trying to add or edit their own pages in their Point2 Agent website only to find that the text gets so messed up when they try to change fonts or font sizes, that they blame themselves and give up.

Paragraphs seem to skew upon saving as well.  To enter a content box once to make changes is no longer possible…expect to have to get back into that same content box 3-4 times after each save because something else will be messed up.

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