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I’ve Created a New Page in My Point2 Agent Website – Why Are There 2 of Everything?

point2 agent website designSince Point2’s customization level is so limitless, it assumes you want all to show when you create a page.  So just uncheck what you don’t want to show 🙂

When you create a page in your Point2 website, you’ll want to go up to the Advanced Visibility Options and make sure what you “want” to show is showing and what you “don’t want” to show isn’t by checking and unchecking boxes. 

If you don’t know what you’re really using, here’s a way to tell:

Go to your home page in the edit mode and click on the Advanced Visibility Options, remember it and click cancel – go to your newly created page and just make sure all is checked that needs to be checked and vise versa.

Hope that helps.

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