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Java Issues with Point2 Agent – Some Insight from Customer Service

Any of you having trouble uploading images into your Point2 Agent website? I’ve been having issues for the last week and finally ended up skipping the emails back and forth and calling Point2 Agent myself…Here’s what they’re telling me…
1) For those using Chrome to edit your Point2 Agent website, don’t. Chrome is having issues itself right now with the Java plugin, so you will have problems even doing the simple task of uploading a picture on a page.
2) For those using IE9…don’t. It’s in beta and looks like a bunch of garbly gook when you try and edit any content.
3) Mozilla/Firefox…we have a winner! Point2 Agent is telling me that Mozilla is the best browser to use when editing your website. But you’ll want to disable the Java update24…go back to 23.
I know…I know…it shouldn’t have to be this way, but if you want to edit your website, that’s what you’re going to have to do for a little while at least until Chrome gets its bug fixed with Java and IE9 gets out of the beta stage.
Hope this helps!
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