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Jump Start Guide for Point2 Agent Pro & Premium Members

Point2 Agent WebsitesHit the ground running with this easy-to-follow step-by-step guide to setting up your Point2 Agent “Website” and catering it be a lead generating “machine”! 


The minute you upgrade from Standard to Professional level membership in Point2, you’ll see some new pages populated in your website. These pages reference all those “hidden” pages you’ll see in edit mode. When you login and do your Website Jump To “Edit”, over to the left you’ll see “Page Names” with a drop down menu. Click on the drop down menu and you’ll see “all” the pages that are created in your site. You “don’t” need half to ¾ of these pages! Your focus needs to be on towns and neighborhoods. So we’re going to clean up the menu: 

There are 4 pages that reference all those hidden pages in your site. 

They are: 

For Buyers – Delete this page – just use “Buying” instead – it holds all the articles/reports and can be added to. 

For Sellers – Delete this page – just use “Selling” instead – it holds all the articles/reports and can be added to as well. 

House & Home – Delete this page. 

Resources – I just change the Page Name on this one to “Relocation” and delete everything except the Relocation Checklist. Now you have the beginning of a Relocation page. 

Now you can delete “every” single hidden page in your site and be comfortable that they’re not referenced somewhere. 

The worst thing you can do to yourself is have an overabundance of pages making it difficult to really know what you’re using and what you’re not using. Start fresh and build from here! 

The “Home Search” page is really comparable to a New Listing Alerts page, so rename it this. Then create a new page called Home Search – click Add Content, then click “Advanced Home Search” – it’s the third (#3) choice in the Search section of choices. You now have a Home Search and a New Listing Alerts page. 

You can sort your pages as to where they appear in the menu under your Website Editing Tools 

Now you get to create Town pages and Neighborhood pages. If you’re not able to save searches in your IDX (if you use an IDX solution), Point2 Agent offers a feature for showing listings all the way down to a neighborhood!  

On your page in edit mode, simply choose “Add content” right in the middle section. Choose “Listings” and follow the prompts. When you get down to the last section of “Neighbourhoods,” it will start with counties that you’ve chosen as your Selling Area, then Cities, then Neighorhoods there’s a trick to this!!! 

If you click on the wording link, it will open up the towns in that county without actually “selecting” them all. If you click the square next to the county, it will automatically choose all the towns in that county. So click on the county “wording”, then click on the city “wording” and you’ll see neighborhoods in that city of your choice…just click the square box next to the neighborhood. This makes it so easy for you to create any town/neighborhood pages you’d like and automatically start with “fresh” content. Those listings automatically update. Then you can add wording and helpful links, school info, etc. as you get time. 

Okay, up to this point, you’ve been able to clean up the backend of your website by deleting any pages that are stock and not indexed. 

HOME PAGE: At this point, you can either work this yourself or bring in the pros! First Coast Designs wants you to save money – and you can if you do the first steps yourself. We then know exactly what we’re working with and can customize your site taking it away from the template and revamp your home page.

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