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Just Curious…Mouse vs Keyboard

I consider myself one of the fortunate ones to have been into computers already when Windows ’95 came out.  I had originally learned Word Perfect in DOS (or keyboard commands) and many other programs, and I constantly find myself using both when highlighting text, copying or cutting it, then pasting it somewhere else. 

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the keyboard version of “cut, copy, paste” here it is:

<Ctrl>X = Cut
<Ctrl>C = Copy 
<Ctrl>V = Paste

To Highlight:

<Shift>(right arrow)
<Shift>(left arrow)
<Shift>(up arrow)
<Shift>(down arrow)

I consider using the mouse to highlight as “uncontrolled”
I consider using the keyboard to highlight as “controlled”

That’s why I use both…if my mouse took the highlight too far after the text, then my “Shift”(left arrow) brings me back giving me control again 🙂

I won’t name any names, but my husband uses the mouse for everything, and it just makes me curious how many others out there either just use the mouse, or use the keyboard, or both?

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