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Launch Your New Website Without Disrupting Other Features!

“My Domain is at Company A, My Website is Hosted at Company B, Where Should I Set Up Email?”

“I’ve Got My Domain at Company A along with my Email…I Want to Purchase Hosting for WordPress…Does it Matter Where I Purchase Hosting for My WordPress Site?”

“I’ve Got My Domain at Company A, and My Website is at Point2 Agent…Where Should I Set Up My Email?

How many of you have crossed this bridge lately? Well, you’re not alone.  I had a few clients just go live that already had a website up and running, so I needed to work behind the scenes on the new site, plus, they already had email attached to their domain.  So how does one launch a new website without disrupting things that the client already has in place?

It’s easier than you might think!!

You’ll need access to your domain and its “A Record” – the sample below is GoDaddy’s domain manager area.

What’s an “A Record”?????  It’s the instructions for the “website” – so by merely editing this A Record to the website host’s IP address, you don’t disrupt anything like you can when changing nameservers of a domain.

Using the A Record Feature When Launching Your New Website

Sample of the host’s IP address using hosting – by clicking the expand stats at the bottom, you’ll be able to see the IP address of the hosting. Don’t let the first set of #’s fool you! It’s the field for “Last Login from” and that’s NOT the shared hosting IP address.

Using the A Record Feature When Launching Your New Website

Using the A Record Feature When Launching Your New Website

So you’ll be accessing your “domain” area to get to the A Record.  Once there, you’ll replace the IP address over to whatever your “host’s” IP address is and you can find that within your host’s dashboard or cPanel area.

NOTE TO POINT2 AGENT MEMBERS: By using the A Record feature of your domain, you’ll be able to create a sub-domain for your blog and as for IDX solutions like IDX Broker that shows their “domain control” feature doesn’t work with Point2 Agent websites.  Perfect example…if you merely change the A Record IP Address over to Point2 Agent’s Hosting IP Address, you can then decide where you want your email, plus use features from other providers!! 

Don’t change the nameservers.  Just change the A Record! Then it’s entirely up to you wherever you’d like to set up your email.  It can be at Company A with the domain, or Company B with the Website – this is only for those who wish to have emails that end with the same extension as the domain.

Anybody purchasing hosting for WordPress, I suggest companies like,, 

p.s. This does NOT affect search engine results.

Also please note that the change can take anywhere from 1/2 hour to an hour depending on how the A Record is set.

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