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Linking to Inner Pages of Your Point2 Agent Website

Working with Links and Your Point2 Agent WebsiteIt’s always a great idea to link text from your blogs over to any page(s) in your Point2 Agent website to “steer” the search engines “and” viewers to more information, or a listing detail page, etc.

Keep in mind that when you’re logged into your Point2 Agent website, the page URL’s are different so you want to make sure that you’re grabbing the “true” page URL.


If you happen to copy/paste the “bad” URL, then the viewer who clicks on it and the search engine that follows it will only be taken over to your Point2 Agent Login screen.

Now I’ll be honest, Point2 Agent is the only platform that this happens to.  Any other one, you see the true page URL’s whether you’re logged in or not.

Hope this helps!

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