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New POINT2 AGENT Jump Start Guide 2013 – Coming Soon!

Point2 Agent Jump Start Guide 2012I just had the opportunity of setting up a Point2 Agent “account” from scratch and I gotta tell you…I LOVE THE CHANGES!!!

My old Jump Start Guide references lots of hidden pages to delete…well, guess what? They’ve been deleted! Thanks Point2 Agent!

Much less to start so lots of room to grow!

I was also able to set up the online office so there will also be quick tips for this area as well – remember, things that you fill in to the online office, such as office info, address, profile info…that stuff carries over when you activate the website…so the trick is to “not” activate the website until all the info is filled in.

I’ll be getting a new Jump Start Guide together so keep your eyes peeled! Sign up for my newsletter for email notifications if you’re not already.

If you’ve been thinking about a new website and haven’t looked at Point2 Agent or self-hosted WordPress, check them out – they are 2 very different platforms, but in my opinion, each is the best of it’s kind!

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