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Online Consumer Statistics from NAR

Statistics from the National Association of Realtors (NAR):

  • 80% of consumers did online research before they bought their last home
  • Internet consumers spend an average of 5.8 weeks researching online
  • Online consumers take 9.3 months until they list with a realtor
  • Online consumers take 16.7 months until they buy a home
  • Only 4-8% of online leads will close within 90 days

Online Consumers, on average, take 28 months to buy and sell real estate. Longer than any other consumer.

Consumer and realtor response:

  • 32% of online consumers expect an immediate response from a realtor
  • 19% expect a 30 minute response from a realtor
  • 50% of realtors respond within 54 hours
  • 50% of realtors never respond

Any comments?

This is a re-post from our Active Rain Blog – Realtors® can access this information directly through NAR – it was sent to us from a Realtor® in March 2009.

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