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Point2 Agent – Custom Content vs Advanced Content

point2agentlogohere’s the difference:

Custom Content – when you want to put in images and text, use Custom Content so you have the WYSIWYG editor – it allows you to “switch” back and forth between “design” mode and “source” mode.

Advanced Content – this should be used if you want to add some “script” for a widget for example or “script” for a Quick Search or IDX widget.


Custom Content tends to “add its own coding” when you save.  So if you have some script that uses “&” for example…if you put this script into custom content instead of advanced content the platform makes it “&” which is the HTML code for ampersand (&).  If you used the advanced content, the “&” would stay “&” in the code.

TRACKING CODE…for those of you using tracking code in your footer template and have it in with custom content, no worries…any tracking code we’ve seen “sticks” just fine.

Hope this helps!

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