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Point2 Agent Customized Featured Listing Modules

Point2 Agent Featured Listing ModulesI happened to be in a Point2 Agent website tonight making some updates when I noticed that the client’s two featured listing modules were showing the same listing. 

This client had her site designed by another designer who had customized the featured listing modules. 

The 2 featured listing module settings were at the bottom of the home page in edit mode for updating, and the actual featured listings show up in the right column where they normally do. 

So to update them, all we had to do was visit the 2 features at the bottom of the page to change listings that showed and they would automatically appear in the right column in her site.

When I went to the bottom features to fix them, I noticed that the text links to “add/edit featured listings” is no longer there, along with the “edit header” and “delete” links.  So this client now has “no way” to update her featured listings on her home page.

Those of you who have custom featured listing modules and are familiar with what I’m talking about may want to check your website.  It’s Point2’s platform, and the only reason I know this is because we “were” able to change them, now we’re not.

Wanted to let you know.

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