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Point2 Agent Drip Email Campaign Headers

I’ve had numerous inquiries from clients about the headers in the drip email campaign and wanting me to “fix them”.  I was told about a year ago that Point2 Agent was working on changing the appearance of the headers in the emails generated from websites, but just tested some websites and they still look the same.

The header simply pulls in the primary, secondary, and tertiary color choices from your website options and depending on what that combination is, your drip email header may look okay, but it may not!  Even if your Point2 Agent website is customized, we have no control over this feature except to change the color choices, which could then affect other areas of your website’s appearance.

I would love to see them be able to just pull in whatever custom header is within the theme – we “do” have control over this.  The header within the theme is what shows up above a Point2 listing.

Here’s a few samples of the headers I just captured from drip email campaigns from a couple Point2 Agent member websites.

Header Sample 1

Now visit the website

Header Sample 2

Now visit the website

Header Sample 3
Now visit the website

I always tell clients to “be your own prospect” – go through your Point2 Agent website and request documents, fill out the calculator, request brochures for listings, etc. and see what your viewers are getting emailed to them and how it looks.

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