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Point2 Agent Error Message When Logging In

A little humor for your Monday…

I was working in Point2 sites all weekend, then last night, I start getting the error that I can’t log in due to my cookies, security settings, yada yada yada…but what cracked me up is the message I got for any P2 site when trying to log in…

Point2 Agent Websites

“IF YOU ARE A POINT2 MEMBER AND THIS ISSUE PERSISTS, PLEASE GO TO YOUR ONLINE OFFICE AND CONTACT SUPPORT…” Why in the world would they make someone contact them through the online office when THEY CAN’T EVEN LOG IN???????

I’ve been medling with my security settings to no avail, but this has happened before and I’ll get it back again somehow!!!!  And hopefully today!!!!

I don’t have any problems logging into wordpress or activerain or anything else…so why is Point2 so “not trusted” that when a setting changes in my security they’re the only ones that I have a problem with?????

POINT2 AGENT PHONE: 1-866-977-1777  just in case anybody needs it 🙂


Well I made it in…very weird though…I ended up calling a client in FL to see if she could log in…she could, so I did the old “trusted sites” thing, and added “just her site” – mind you, I have “no” other sites in the trusted site list…I was able to log in.  Then I tried another site that’s “not” on my trusted sites list and I got in too…so something must have been up on P2’s end

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