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Point2 Agent Needs Our Help with Domains Reverting to Sub-Domains

I have been in communication with Dave at Point2 Agent and providing him with website addresses as I come across them to help him be able to troubleshoot the problem of domains reverting back to sub-domains.

The problem is that by the time he can get to these (even if it’s within 24 hours) the domains have changed back, sometimes not though.

Whenever you log into your Point2 Agent account and you’re taken to the Online Office, glance up at your internet address bar…if it starts out with your real domain name, you’re fine.  If it shows “” or “” then your domain has reverted back to the sub-domain and you need to do the following:

If you’re a Pro/Premium member, you may use the phone-in customer service by calling 866-977-1777 and asking for Dave or to leave a message for Dave with your website address.

If you’re a standard member, you’ll need to email and put ATTN DAVE – DOMAIN REVERTING BACK TO SUB-DOMAIN in the subject line.

This really needs to get resolved because here’s what’s happening.

1) Anything going out from your website will show your website address as the sub-domain, not your real website address.

2) If your site has been verified and site map submitted to Google (Pro/Premium levels only) it’s looking for a site map starting with your true domain name, not the sub-domain name and they won’t match and you’ll get dinged and moved down in the search results.

3) If your site is a standard site, the search engines will see the sub-domain (depending on when you’re indexed) and will start to work the sub-domain as if it were a brand new domain, no matter how old your true domain is – it’ll be like it doesn’t exist anymore.

I’ve had clients notice a drop in search engine results, as well as a drop in number of hits.  And this is why.

This has been going on since October and needs to be resolved!

If you’re a member of the Active Rain Community, you can click here for my original post back in October.

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