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Point2 Agent SEO Tutorial

Recently, I noticed a new tutorial in the To Do section of clients’ Point2 Agent websites. So I clicked on it to check it out.

While this is a great tool for agents wanting to do their own website optimization, there are some “misleading” numbers in there that I wanted to point out to you…

Point2 Agent To Do List

SEO TITLE SECTION – they mention there’s a ** Maximum of 200 characters. PLEASE NOTE this is not the “recommended” number of characters to be considered “search engine friendly” – it’s the number of characters allowed before it will start cutting off any additional letters or wording.

The number of characters to use in order to be search engine friendly is between 60-70 characters, not 200!

SEO Title

Same scenario in the SEO Description section.

The maximum number of characters is between 100-150 to be considered search engine friendly, not 400!

SEO Description

And with the SEO Keywords section, same thing…

Keep it between 200-250 characters to stay search engine friendly, not 1000!

SEO Keywords

The funny thing is that there’s really no explanation for those two ** next to the maximum characters, so I honestly don’t know why those are there.

Next is the section at the bottom of the SEO section…for Google Analytics, you should really just insert the script they provide into a global area like the header or footer – something that’s called out on all your website’s pages. If you simply use the field below to insert your UA number, you’ll always have an error message in your Google Analytics dashboard saying “tracking code not installed” – just FYI on that one!

SEO Bottom

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