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Point2 Agent’s Available WordPress Themes

There are 8 theme options in the Point2 Agent WordPress blog platform. I’m going to briefly go through each one to show the features that are available to users. Point2 Agent WordPress blogs do not offer page creation at all. You won’t be able to choose a “static front page” for your blog no matter what theme you’re using.


Gridalicious is a teaser theme. It looks great in the sample, however the grids are based on featured “pages” – you can’t create pages in the Point2 Agent WP blogs. So these beautiful grid features are obsolete to Point2 blog users.


Chicago is the theme that I’m currently using. It used to offer some CSS editing in the “Theme Options” area of this theme, however Point2 has removed the option and anybody who had customization in this theme can no longer access this area. It’s removed. It is also the only theme that will show excerpts on the home page. Everything else shows the entire post even if you choose the summary option in the “Reading” settings.


Blogotron is a straight-forward theme allowing for a header image, but no logo spot to upload. You’d need to insert your logo into the header image.


This theme does not offer a spot to upload your logo or a header image. There is a spot called “Header Hero Content” where you can enter a headline, excerpt, and button text linking to wherever you want.


The Swell Light theme offers a logo upload, header image, and background image.


I have been trying to work in the CSS option of this theme to no avail (yet) – it doesn’t seem to acknowledge the CSS scripting. I also noticed when I had this theme activated that another option appears under “Appearance” – “InkThemes Themes” – it offers other themes at both a free level and paid level…but Point2 doesn’t allow any uploads of new themes to the blog. I have no idea why this is even an option. It’s pointless.


Dark option of Twenty Fifteen

This theme looks nice, has the widgets in the left, but doesn’t offer excerpts and if you have an image in the featured image section of your posts and in the posts themselves, then both images appear.


This is a straight-forward theme that offers a header image, has a nice simplistic layout. It’s mobile-friendly, but doesn’t appear to have a responsive menu.

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