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Point2 Agent’s Newest Idea

Point2 Agent Websites

Those of you using Point2 Agent have probably all gotten the email about Point2’s new possible development of PPC. I have to admit, I’m disappointed.

There have been many requests for Point2 Agent to create a shortened version of their search form so it will fit in a sidebar and be easier to put on the home page which is a must for real estate agents. Every other platform offers a quick search form that can fit nicely on a website’s home page, whether it’s in the sidebar or horizontally across the middle, etc. And this should be a breeze for Point2 Agent as they’re the ones who created the search forms to begin with and the listings are in their database.

“Point2 IDX” – it’s not Point2’s IDX, it’s Wolfnet and once you purchase the IDX through Point2 Agent, you will have to get a new IDX account if you leave Point2 Agent…it’s not a standalone product that can go with you because you’ve purchased it through their “affiliate” or “partner” program with Wolfnet. It’s best just to buy direct from Wolfnet so you can truly have a standalone product.

Not to mention the fact that new members are now forced to pay a yearly rate of over $500 and don’t have a monthly payment option.

Even though they’ve come out with a more customizable drip email, there’s no reason they couldn’t pull whatever custom header is in the template for outgoing emails from the website. Older drips now have to be completely redone in order to have something more custom in the header/footer area, which ends up costing the agents/brokers more money to have someone do that.

And those older clients may remember when Point2 Agent switched out their content editor making any current font size in the website become so small it was almost unreadable. That was due to changing the size parameters from 1,2,3, etc. over to px related sizes, 8,10,12, etc. Designers had to start using a script to make the font consistent throughout at whatever size, but if the client had made any changes to the font within a page, the script didn’t overwrite that…there could be no changes to the font on pages in order for the script to work.

There have also been requests about incorporating WordPress as the blog platform instead of what they currently have. And Point2 Agent current blog posts don’t have an “export” option like other blogging platforms making it almost impossible to move to another platform and bring your blog posts. Yes, there is “one” person that I know of who can write a program to do this, however, again, it’s costing the agents/brokers more money.

Mobile – yes, they have mobile friendly designs – with little to no customization option possible, with the exception of the Fluent theme, which is responsive.

Syndication – that used to be a great selling point for Point2 Agent, but IDX solutions offer the same thing, as well as other platforms geared strictly toward syndication.

Point2 Agent “handshake” listings – unfortunately the listings are not getting updated so new members get stuck with this hodge podge of listings that are usually already off the market, and it just makes the agent look bad to potential buyers. And that’s hoping that other agents have even “accepted” the handshake agreement so that listings will show up on your Point2 Agent website.

I have to admit, it has become impossible for me to suggest Point2 Agent to potential clients because the negatives outweigh the positives. Sorry to be so blunt here, but I’ve worked with Point2 Agent websites for the last 7, almost 8 years so I’ve been able to see the changes over the years.

The only positive thing I can say is about the “email blast” system. And that’s just that it exists in the Point2 Agent platform.

I’m so disappointed, and I’m sorry I had to say all these things, but I’ve had so many clients calling me over the last few months just fed up and ready to move somewhere else for their web presence.

WordPress or myRealPage are my suggestions. West Coast agents/brokers can use myRealPage’s built-in IDX (seamless), and other regions can frame in the IDX, just like you already have to do with Point2 Agent, with the exception of IDX Broker, but IDX stuff will just have to be another blog post…too much to cover in that arena to include it here.

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