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Point2 Will be Integrating IDX (NOT!)

Point2 Agent WebsitesAs members of the Point2 Agent community, you’ve probably already noticed the announcement in your Online Office.  There are no details yet, but I think this is a great opportunity for Point2 Agent and its members!  I’m going to assume that this means members will no longer have to enter their listings into Point2 Agent as their IDX will automatically feed in their listings, still giving listings the great syndication Point2 Agent offers! 

 They mention that it will be part of the Point2 Agent database, so anybody contacting you through a listing will automatically become part of your Point2 Agent database of prospects.

Those agents who have a 3rd party IDX integration means having 2 databases, one for anybody filling out a Point2 Agent form, and one for anybody using forms or contact forms in the IDX, making it a little more difficult to manage. 

Congrats Point2 Agent!  Can’t wait to see this!

UPDATE as of 11-26-10 – Point2 has become an affiliate with Wolfnet Technologies and this is what they’re using for the Point2 IDX.  It is an iFramed IDX solution, not an integrated IDX solution.  Just fyi.

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