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Posting Tips and Tricks – Blogging Ideas for Realtors

Blogging Ideas for RealtorsI’ve been working with clients who are new to blogging and to help make it easier to start, consider this…

Every page of your website is considered a potential blog post! And by linking your post back to that particular page in your website is helping to boost your inbound links to your website as well! Your post can simply be an excerpt or more…then at the end, simply put some text saying “click here for more information” and link that text over to your website page! By doing this for a few pages each week, you’ll be doing a world of good for feeding, the search engines, and practice at blogging! Happy Blogging!!!

Need some blogging ideas beyond your website pages?

It’s important to blog about topics that relate to you industry, neighborhoods, market trends, etc. while keeping it fun and interesting for your readers.

Here is an extensive list of Real Estate Blog Posting Ideas for you to utilize:

Describe Your Neighborhood…

  • Tell a story about your neighborhood.
  • Architecture or housing styles in your area.
  • Attend a public meeting and write about it.
  • Churches – what denominations are in your area, where are they located, when are services.
  • Commentary on local public policy.
  • Cost of Living Comparison (for different cities or neighborhoods in your local market). Put in a side by side comparison for average price of homes, gas, utilities, etc. Provide proof to your buyers of what they get for their money in one city versus another.
  • Day Care – who provides day care services, what are rates, where are they located, etc.
  • Environmental issues – does your area do something significant to lessen the population’s impact on the environment?
  • Guide to dining out – rank all the restaurants in your area (let the restaurants know about your ranking guide and see if you can get a link from the ones you rank highly)
  • Historic buildings – what time periods are represented, where are the historic districts, are there any museums or historical tours?
  • Job market in local area – who employs the most people in your area? What job sectors are considered “growth” industries right now?
  • Lists of local businesses – categorize them based on utility: supermarkets, department stores, hair salons/ barber shops, gas stations, etc.
  • Local Parks – what can you do at each park? Any commentary on which is your favorite and why?
  • Local Schools Ratings – reference online studies that you can find and what you know of the different schools yourself.
  • Market statistics for your area, including average prices and absorption rates
  • New businesses coming to area
  • Places to eat
  • Places to shop
  • Transportation & Parking – Does your area have a good public transportation system? Is it bike friendly? Are the freeways or highways well-connected?
  • Travel tips for visitors to your area (great for out-of-town buyers) – What kinds of items do people frequently forget when traveling to your area?
  • Upcoming sporting events, concerts, shows, etc.
  • Your city council.
  • Local directory of doctors, dentists, hospitals, chiropractors, etc. (also, get these providers to link to your site and add a blurb about their facility and the services they offer)

Buyer And Sellers Resources

  • A closing – what goes into one, how long it takes, what to expect, etc.
  • Avoid Legal Battles when Buying or Selling a Home (a great place to talk about the importance of hiring a professional – You! – and to talk about the protections and responsibilities built in to your state/local real estate contracts)
  • Book review of a real estate related book.
  • Buying a second home or vacation home/condo.
  • Buying your first investment property.
  • Real estate hoaxes and scams.
  • Create a helpful checklist for buyers and sellers.
  • Do and don’t list on buying investment properties.
  • Equity stripping scams.
  • Fair housing issues.
  • Final walk through overview.
  • First-time home buyer programs.
  • Home owners associations – how they can impact your long-term expenses.
  • Home prices in local market.
  • How do I price my home right to sell without giving it away?
  • How not to sell a house.
  • How to sell a house.
  • Investment scams.
  • Land lord or tenant issues.
  • List of basic real estate definitions, from A-Z.
  • Local real estate market trends and observations.
  • Over-priced homes – how to identify them.
  • Pet-friendly housing.
  • Property taxes.
  • Real Estate Laws.
  • Senior housing.
  • The home buying process.
  • The home selling process.
  • The pros and cons of buying and owing a timeshare.
  • Things that go wrong with real estate sales.
  • Three Biggest Seller Mistakes – this is where you can talk up how your marketing program beats the competition).
  • Types of mortgages.
  • What you need to know about buying foreclosures.
  • What you should know about home inspections.
  • Women home buyers.

Home Maintenance and Remodeling

  • Building trends.
  • Childproof Home Safety Tips.
  • Decorating ideas.
  • Energy Saving Tips.
  • Fire Safety Tips for your home
  • Furniture.
  • Gardening and landscaping.
  • Home maintenance.
  • Home owners insurance.
  • Landscaping can make a difference.
  • Paint and painting.
  • Pest control.
  • Resources and tips for hiring contractors and actually having a good experience.
  • Simple repairs to help your home show better and sell faster.
  • The importance of safety around swimming pools.
  • Trends in kitchen design.
  • What are the Top 10 Scams of building contractors and how to avoid them?
  • What is curb appeal?
  • What to do about mold – is it really a problem?
  • What to look for when shopping for Energy Saving Appliances.

Home Listings

  • Local subdivisions/ farm area prices, solds, actives, pendings, etc.
  • Lofts in the Area.
  • New construction plans in area.
  • Open houses.

Loans And Mortgages

  • Advantages of going through a mortgage broker for your next loan as opposed to your local bank (i.e., more options for finding a lender to say yes, potential for better rates, competing lenders so can find the best program for your needs).
  • Repairing your credit.
  • Credit scores.
  • Dangers of certain types of loans (such as interest only, certain ARMS, etc.), and why they are not for everyone – be careful not to buy more house than you can afford.
  • Interest Rates.
  • Mortgage fraud.
  • Mortgage rate updates.
  • Mortgages news.


  • Bad neighbors – what to do to repair bad relations with them.
  • Good neighbors – how to show them you’re appreciative!
  • Home safety.
  • Moving – how to prepare, what to do, etc.

Moving resource guide (resources for buyers moving in from out of the area, for local moves, and for sellers moving out – all are potential client bases for you).

 Moving with children

Moving with pets


  • Detail a lender who does a great job with your clients.
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