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Posts vs Pages and the Ultimate Viral Marketing Exposure!

Posts vs PagesI had a very interesting conversation with a client the other day about her website and she has been looking at the competition and their websites (I’m so proud of her!!).  Also even talked to one of her competitors as she knows her well enough to feel comfortable asking about the website.

My client was told pages are important…the more pages you have the better off you are.  And if you are on a website platform, this is true. 

HOWEVER, my client is on WordPress which is an “OPEN SOURCE” platform – it’s like comparing apples to oranges.

When you’re on an “OPEN SOURCE” platform like WordPress, it’s a different mindset.  You’re more about “POSTS” vs “PAGES” – yes, you still need the necessary pages, but it’s more critical to be posting and categorizing, and tagging because POSTS FEED — PAGES DO NOT!!!! 

I told my client that if she concentrates on creating more pages, she’s defeating the purpose of viral marketing altogether. 

So for those of you out there on WordPress, it’s a different mindset if you’re hooked up with Facebook, and Twitter, and the like for viral marketing.  Your pages won’t feed, only posts feed. 

Work Smarter, Not Harder.

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