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Purchasing IDX through Point2 Agent

Wolfnet TechnologiesWolfnet (MLS Finder) is an IDX solution that is offered through Point2 Agent.  But you don’t have to go through Point2 Agent to purchase Wolfnet’s IDX solution direct.

Here’s what I’m finding:

  • If a client purchases the IDX through Point2 Agent, then if they ever leave Point2 Agent, they must start over and sign up again with Wolfnet direct – meaning any previous URL’s will be null and void upon leaving Point2 Agent.
  • If a client is having problems or can’t figure something out, they don’t have direct support through Wolfnet, they must get their support through Point2 Agent instead.

Unfortunately, this just doesn’t seem like the path to take.  Sorry Point2.  Something like this is just NOT in my clients’ best interest, so I can not recommend purchasing IDX through Point2 Agent.  I have to suggest getting it direct through Wolfnet.

When I’m dealing with questions and any IDX solution…I believe that particular IDX solution knows its own system better than anyone else.  Why go to a 3rd party support system when you can go direct to the IDX solution?

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