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Sitemap.html Not Working in Point2 Agent Websites

Point2 Agent Websites

Point2 Agent Websites

Using your “” will allow you to view the unhidden pages in your Point2 Agent website, along with any active listings.

I got an email from a client yesterday asking about the navigation menu in their Point2 website. The menu items weren’t working. Most were saying “Page not found” errors. So I headed over to the “sitemap.html” page of their website to double check if I had the wrong URL’s in the custom menu or something. I didn’t. The actual pages within the sitemap.html page weren’t working. Some were, but most weren’t.

Point2 has been made aware of the problem, so contact them at 866-977-1777 if you’re having the same type of errors in your website when menu items are clicked.

Instructions for checking the problem:

1) open a new browser tab and type in in the address bar – hit return or click on go.
2) click on any of the pages that are showing to make sure they go to an actual page and not an error message.


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