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Sprout Builder Closing FREE Accounts 3-30-11

Sprout Builder - Custom Facebook Fan Page Tabs - Closing FREE Accounts 3-30-11Sprout offered a FREE application that allowed anyone to create custom facebook page tabs.  You would create your tab, save the design, then add the app to your page. 

Sprout, however, has changed their business plan.  $3,000 a year.  Yes, you read that right  🙂

If you have a Sprout Builder Tab, read below:


Q. How much longer will I be able to access or login to Sprout Builder?

A. You will have until March 30th (~45 days) to access Sprout Builder.

Q. What will happen at the end of 45 days to my account and to my sprouts?

A. At the end of 45 days, accounts will be closed. If you choose not to delete your sprouts, they will continue to ‘live’ for an additional 45 days but you will not be able to login to make any changes to them. On May 14than empty space will appear on all the pages on which your sprout once lived.

Q. Is there a way to download my sprouts?

A. Unfortunately, there is no way to download or save your projects.

Q. Is there any way to transfer my sprouts to another program?

A. It is not possible to transfer your sprouts.

For those frantic about what to do, simply contact us.  We’ll take a look at your fan page tabs and see what we can do for you at a 30% discount.

We can bring in Video / Flash

You Tube Channels or Favorites / Flickr or Picasa Photo Albums – automatically

With a basic understanding of html you can edit your own tabs once they are created.

Once the Tab(s) is(are) created, they’re YOURS and you can reuse and/or change them however you’d like.

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