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Take Your Email Address Out of Your Website

Do you ever wonder why on earth you’ve started getting soooooooo much spam?????  This is why.  If it’s out on the weRemove Your Email Address from Your Websiteb just typed out (for example) it will be snatched up by programs that people use all day to harvest email addresses and sell them, email spam and viruses to them, etc. 


1) Encrypt your email address – for the life of me, I’m unable to locate the website that allows you to put in the email address and it automatically encrypts it for you with a little code to put in your web page.  But this is only 90-95% full-proof.  And the damage is already done if you’ve had your email address posted on your website for a month or more.  We’re just trying to prevent any future “new spammers” at this point.

2) Put your email address in as a graphic instead of text – link the graphic to the “Contact ___” page.  If you don’t have to time to manually add email addresses to your Point2 database, then you want people using the forms for automatic addition to the database instead of emailing you.

3) email envelope  Right click and save this little envelope for use in your site if you’d like – next to it type “Click here to email ___” – link that text to the Contact page.

Hope this helps!  I, unfortunately, learned the hard way with this!

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