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Take Your Point2 Agent Site MOBILE!

Check out – their free account is easy to set-up, and they have a premium account (no ads) for $9/mo – take your Point2 Agent website mobile!  Simply follow these steps and you’re just an hour away from people being able to view your Point2 Agent website on their mobile device! I say an hour because it takes that long for any changes in your Point2 site to take.  And there’s some script that you’ll need to put in your header area or footer area (anything global) so it will work. - Step 1 - Enter Your URL

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Once you enter your Point2 Agent website’s URL, it’ll have you register with your email and a password. You’ll then be taken to the “Select a Theme” screen… - Step 2

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Next, you’ll have to option to remove any items that you just don’t want or need to appear in the mobile version of your Point2 Agent website. - Step 3

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In this next step, you’ll be able to “Publish” your site and get the URL for reference…mine says “Replubish” simply because I already created this. Down below the Publish is “Redirect My Site” and the next capture will explain more about this step. - Step 4

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This next step is where they provide the “snippet” of script to place in either your header template area or footer template area…anywhere that’s global in your Point2 Agent website. - Step 5

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Now that you’ve done this last step, wait about an hour and test it out with any mobile device to see how well it works.  The one thing I LOVE is that even the Point2 listings show up!!!!  Sometimes you will have to scroll down a little bit to see listings, depending on what content is in your site before listings appear on specific pages, but that’s where you can go back and remove any items as shown above in Step 3.

You also have the option of creating a unique redirect of “” but it takes creating a CNAM in your domain’s host, as well as upgrading to the premium level at $9/mo.


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