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The Quickest Way to Go Mobile for Any Website

Yes, there’s DudaMobile, which I love for Point2 Agent websites, yet was finding that if an agent already has an IDX that offers mobile, we really just need to take them directly over to that agent’s unique mobile search link.

Here’s some tips:

Diverse Solutions – they offer a redirect script along with your unique mobile search URL for either the header template area in Point2 Agent, or the Genesis-Theme Settings area in the header section.

IDX Broker – They only offer an app for iPhone and iPod, so you could use DudaMobile and change the search menu item to link directly over to the app. Nothing we can do until they offer full mobile.

FlexMLS – They offer a unique mobile search URL for agents. You can use any auto-detect script, or the one provided below.

<script type="text/javascript">
if (screen.width <= 699) {
document.location = "mobile.html";

“mobile.html” would be replaced with the location of wherever your mobile version resides. This technique could be adapted to load an alternate stylesheet as well.

For iPhones/iPods Specifically

<script language=javascript>
if ((navigator.userAgent.match(/iPhone/i)) || (navigator.userAgent.match(/iPod/i))) {

Yes, these are “redirects” – you’ll hear how redirects hurt your website’s ranking. I’ve had a redirect active for a total of 6 months now and I’m still coming up just fine for Point2 search phrases on mobile searches. I’d rather see agents have the opportunity of a mobile search – and since they aren’t free, at least this quick redirect “is” and can quickly detect and send the viewer over to the mobile search…that’s what they want anyway. Homes. Homes. Homes. And they can quickly contact you. Heck, I redirect mobile viewers directly over to my portfolio in Flickr. Agents need to take viewers directly to searches / listings.

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