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Tips for the Ideal Photo Orientation in MLS Listings

As I was working on a website using an IDX plugin, I was noticing that the slideshows and showcases were really “off” – after further investigation, I found it was photos that were entered into the MLS that were portrait vs landscape…and really tall at that. The global height for all the listings in the slideshows and showcases was affected by just one or a few portrait photos that were entered.

Ideal Photo Orientation

Ideal Photo Orientation

Ideally, your photos should be landscape, not portrait. And it seems apparent that it’s really affecting how IDX’s pull in that data to be used in showcases and slideshows. I also noticed it when working on a site where we’re entering the rental listings directly into the WordPress listings plugin. The photos wouldn’t even load until I removed the one tall picture that seemed to be the culprit. And I was right. Once removed, all the photos loaded just fine.

Just wanted to make folks aware of this as it could be affecting how your listings display in your website.

Below is the ideal layout – this is the client’s own featured listings pulled in through their IDX solution and I can tell immediately that there’s no “tall” photos in this series…

Ideal Photo Orientation

Hope this helps when you’re out there taking photos of your new listings!

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