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Want to Raise Your Google PageRank?

Google PageRankPageRank is nothing but the measure of a website’s visibility over the web. So the only way to get a higher PageRank is by getting some quality backlinks to your website. One very important factor to keep in mind is the fact that Google is against attempts made by webmasters to unnaturally increase their PageRanks.

This means Google is against link farms, link selling and any other practice which has been specifically developed to increase the PageRank of a website in an unnatural manner. Google considers such attempts as a manipulation of its ranking algorithm and can even penalize websites found guilty. Google clearly explains this on its website.

One easy way of generating links in involves searching the internet to find relevant sites that are either vertically or horizontally related and asking them for a link exchange. Links ‘brought in’ in this manner are more effective and can help successfully increase the PageRank. In addition to getting links from websites, getting links from quality directories is another way to increase your link popularity.

You can also generate inbound links through article submission and press releases among others.  You can also carry out a Link Exchange Program through your website.

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