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Website ReDesign for Marketing Results

Your Real Estate Website is the Most Important Marketing Tool You Have!

Today home buyers are going to the Internet to start their process.  In order to remain competitive, real estate professionals need to utilize “inbound” marketing techniques to “get found” by buyers searching for homes and home sellers.

“Do you want to be found by more prospects?”
“Do you want to convert more prospects into leads and clients?”

To Do List:

Create more, better, optimized content
Create more, better, offers and calls to action

Website Redesign Tips

1.  Goal: More visitors and leads.

The reason you’re redesigning your website is to increase conversion rates, and this is achieved through content, conversion tools, IDX, etc.  The icing on the cake would then be a nice pleasing website “surround” for the viewer.  Focus on the infamous phrase “what’s in it for me (the buyer/seller)?” (WIIFM), not a nicely redesigned “look” but the same stagnate content.

2.  Avoid pitfalls. 

Your existing website has a lot of assets that you have built up.  These assets help your prospects find your website and help you turn them into leads and clients.  You need to find out what these assets are (great content, keywords you rank for, inbound links to individual pages, conversion tools) and protect them carefully during a redesign.

3. Spend resources on remarkable content that attracts and converts.  Not expensive design. 

Bet you never thought I’d say that being a web designer myself.  The design should be pleasing and layout user-friendly, but that does not mean expensive.  Focus on the content of the website for conversion.  Allot more of the budget for content and conversion tools (IDX) and less for design.

4. Create an ongoing content building strategy.

If you have more content, on average you will have more website visitors and grow your business faster.  A 100 page website will beat a 10 page website 90% of the time.  So build a strategy to continue to add more and more content to your website over time.  Blogging makes creating content easy.

5. Enable conversion experiments.

The key to driving your conversion rate and the number of leads you get from your website over time is to constantly improve the effectiveness of your conversion tools – this usually means your landing pages.  If you build a completely static website and have to go to a consultant or IT person each and every time you want to set up a new landing page or to change an existing page, you might be limiting your ability to quickly experiment and improve.

6. Include a blog, RSS, landing pages, SEO

Any website built today should include these basics.

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