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An SSL certificate isn’t just for eCommerce anymore. It is very important as well for realtors to have a secure website when it comes to viewer trust and sharing information on your website as they register to save searches, receive new listings via email, request a home evaluation, etc.

In search results, viewers are more inclined to click through to sites that are secure.

Does Your Website Have an SSL Certificate?

I’ve been able to confirm that Point2 Agent CANNOT attach SSL certificates to member websites. That means it’s time to look at website platforms that “can” offer security in their member websites. For those of you on Point2 Agent that would like to look at an alternative option, do the research and ask any prospective companies if they can attach an SSL certificate to your website if you use their services.

If you’ve already done some research and would like to move over to WordPress, I can help. If you’re already using WordPress and need to attach your SSL certificate, I can help with that as well.