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What We Designers Go Through – IDX Broker Platinum

idx brokerI’ve just had to email IDX Broker regarding the “last straw” with their widget updates. When they have an update to the showcases or carousels, or even slideshows, they expect the client to “redo” that widget in order to “take advantage” of the latest update.

From a designer’s perspective, imagine doing 40+ showcases, carousels, or sliders while designing a WordPress website for a client…only to have to REDO these widgets, sometimes twice, during the process of designing the site. That also means that the new shortcode must be replaced anywhere in the site you’ve already inserted it. Designers will have to charge the client for the extra time it takes to redo these widgets – and this will make potential new IDX Broker clients think twice before signing up with IDX Broker in the future.

With the advancements of the Platinum platform, updates to individual widgets should be automatic, just like they are with the plugin itself. Period. I shouldn’t have to charge my clients extra for having to redo widgets, sometimes having to redo them two and three times during the course of a design project. It’s not fair to the client.

There’s other IDX solutions out there that are more friendly when it comes to updates…never have I had to update individual widgets, only the plugin itself…except with IDX Broker Platinum.

Just a heads up folks. Anybody currently using IDX Broker Platinum better check the “Designs” – “Widgets” area and you’ll see a little circle with an “i” in it letting you know there’s an update and you should redo that widget to “take advantage” of the new feature. And then you’ll have to go insert the new shortcode wherever the old one was placed.

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