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What Makes Us Stand Out in Point2 Agent Website Design?

Point2 Agent Jump Start GuideOur difference? The Point2 Agent Jump Start Guide!

This guide was created for agents who want to hit the ground running with their website, re-designed or not. Content is KING – design is the icing on the cake!!! Working with the Jump Start Guide helps agents remove the stock content pages that really don’t do them any good, and focus on creating community pages with listings from either Point2 Agent or their own IDX, whichever they choose.

I follow this same process when working on content building strategy in Point2 Agent websites after the design is complete.  It doesn’t stop at the design with me.

I see it time and time again…going through my competitors’ portfolios only to find a nice design and it STOPS THERE. Something that is a “standard” in our website design services includes going through the Point2 Agent website and deleting most of the “stock” content pages and “building” community pages including optimizing these pages.

Download Nancy’s Point2 Agent Jump Start Guide today so you can get found and have quality content in your Point2 Agent website.

If you would rather have us do the design and the work, feel free to contact us for a quote!  I know there are those real estate agents/brokers that just don’t have time to work on their website…we’re here for you!

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