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When a Realtor Retires and Wants to Sell Their Website

When a Real Estate Agent / Broker RetiresYou’ve been in the real estate business for a while and your real estate buddy is retiring and has asked if you’d like to purchase their website. The agent has been successful for years and it seems like a walk in the park … just take over the site and capture the leads right? WRONG.

The agent’s listings (that are now the brokerage’s) are in the website’s database possibly (if on Point2’s platform) and have “fed” all over the place. I’m not going to mention any names, but my clients know who they are and what they all went through to fix that problem! It was a fiasco. Listings were showing up in a big search website under the agent who purchased the website, not the actual brokerage, or even the agent from that brokerage.

Photos used in the agent’s website – where did they get them? I have another client who knows all too well how scary that can be. Got a letter about one of the images on the client’s home page. However, the site’s been updated by the original owner and a few designers by this time. Nobody knows where the image came from and now the agent who purchased the site is stuck with a copyright suit.

Content is king, but is it their content?

Just some things to think about before purchasing a website from a retiring real estate agent or broker.

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