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Why Some of Us Designers are No Longer on the Point2 Agent Approved Designers List

As some of you are aware, I requested to be removed from Point2’s Approved Website Designer Program back in 2009, and others have followed since then.

I will quote from the “Point2 Approved Vendor Agreement”…

“An exclusive commitment to work with and market products, rather than other competitor products.”

Our commitment as designers and webmasters is to seek out all possibilities for clients when it comes to their web presence – ones that we feel are the best of their field. And with WordPress and other platforms out there, along with great standalone IDX solutions and plugins, Point2 is no longer the “only” solution for our clients and potential clients.

To only promote “one” single platform does our clients and potential clients an injustice. Hence, the removal from the approved vendor list.

I still believe in Point2 Agent as being a top competitor in the website platform world.

When I’m speaking with a potential new client, the first questions asked are, “Do you have an IDX solution? Do you blog?” – this tells me they may not need Point2 except for the syndication. And Point2 could fall behind even on the syndication shortly with IDX’s also offering the same syndication, as well as MLS’s.

FirstCoastDesigns.Com’s expertise is Point2 Agent and WordPress, and based on the client’s needs and wants, that will determine which platform we suggest.

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