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Why the Need for Multiple Browsers?

At any given time, for one client, I might be in their host (cPanel), their website, and their IDX dashboard. That’s 3 websites, and believe it or not, some websites “don’t mesh well” with certain browsers, thereby having you use an alternate browser than one you might be used-to or only use period.

From experience, I’ve learned to use, for example, Firefox on Point2 Agent’s platform. IE anything doesn’t work well when trying to update or add photos in certain areas and possibly other glitches. Google Chrome went through an update issue where their latest version wasn’t jiving either with Point2 Agent.

When I’m in clients’ cpanel or their hosting platform (, HostGator, HostMonster, GoDaddy) where WordPress is “installed” I find Google Chrome to be the friendliest.

When I’m in IDX solutions, seems anything works fine! Yeahhhh!!!!

So you can see where there might be “instances” where you can use the “better browser” for that particular platform.

I’ve got Firefox open for Point2 Agent (and I use it for WordPress too, anything “website” related) – Google Chrome open if I’m working with the cPanel related to WordPress – and IE open for the IDX solution (I could use any browser but just choose IE).

Makes for a much smoother work-flow instead of “fighting” the glitches because it’s a losing battle 🙂 tee hee!!!

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